Freelance Writing

I have been writing freelance for more than 20 years, in a broad range of magazines and newspapers.  I’ve written dozens of articles for national and regional magazines in such diverse magazines as the Bulletin of the Oregon State Bar Association, World at War Magazine, Auto Dealer Monthly, and RN (Registered Nurse) Magazine. Links to some of my articles are shown below.  I am available for writing assignments including internal publications, company policy manual revisions, blog entries, and white papers

I usually have six to ten articles in process.  Some are no more than a few words or a paragraph.  Others may be nearly complete.   At the moment I’m working on articles about World War II history, one on Colonial American printing, one on natural dyes from Pacific Northwest plants, and one on the Vietnam War.

I am in the process of final revisions to my first novel, set in the Shanghai tunnels of Portland, Oregon during the great flood of 1894.


What Keeps You Awake at Night? Auto Outlook Magazine, January 2012

Why Dealership Rental Operations Don’t Work, Auto Rental News, June, 2010

Beware of Runaway Egos, Tiger, Michael, Elvis, and You, Ward’s Auto Business, June, 2010

Being Optimistic, Even in Bad Times Auto Dealer Monthly, Feb, 2010

It’s the Manager, Stupid, Auto Dealer Monthly, January, 2010

Above All Else, Choose Character, Auto Dealer Monthly Dec, 2009

Accounting, Legal, & Insurance

Your Best Client’s Business Burned Down?  Property & Casualty Magazine, November, 2014

Choosing A Document Archiving Solution, AICPA eMagazine, March, 2014

Settling Ownership of Vehicles, Bulletin of the Oregon State Bar Association, June 2011


Toyota Advertisement, Time Magazine, August 2007

Toyota Advertisement, Time Magazine, August, 2004

Toyota Advertisement, Time Magazine, Jan, 2003

Toyota Advertisement, People Magazine, August 1996


Finding Your Own WWII Jeep, Military Vehicles Magazine, Spring, 2019

Provenance, Military Trader Magazine, July, 2018

Don’t Make Friends in a Combat Unit, Vietnam Magazine, Dec, 2016

Foreign Language Skills & Cultural Awareness in the U.S. Military, World at War Magazine, August, 2015

Paperback Books Go to War, World at War Magazine, Feb. 2013

How World War II Changed our Money, World at War Magazine, August, 2012


Family History & Genealogy

What Do You Do With a Shoebox Full of Letters, Your Genealogy Today Magazine, Jan-Feb, 2016

What is a Family Heirloom, and Where Can I Get One? Family Chronicle Magazine, Jan, 2015

Black Sheep & Loose Nuts: Handling Sensitive Information, Family Chronicle Magazine, Jan, 2015

Urgent: Your Genealogy Can’t Wait! Discovering Family History, July, 2009

Genealogy in 3D, Family Chronicle Magazine, March, 2009

Make Mine 3D, Family Chronicle Magazine, Feb, 2002


Misc. Articles

How do Police Think about Concealed Carry? Hoodview News, November, 2019

Do Wives and Hunting Mix?  Gresham Outlook, Gresham Outlook, August 12, 2015

You Haven’t Been Hunting Until You’ve Hunted Oregon Chukar,                        Gresham Outlook, August 12, 2015

Archery Hunting for Elk: Preparation Pays Off, Gresham Outlook, August 12, 2015

Getting to Know Your Parents, Portland Family Magazine, November, 2014

Have all the Big Treasures Been Found? American Digger Magazine, November, 2014

This Ain’t the Ponderosa, Bugle- The Magazine of the Journal of the of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, June, 2011

Thank You Nurse, RN Magazine July, 2001

Press Clippings

Focus on the Home Front, Gresham Outlook, June 26, 2015

Member Spotlight on Bill Leslie,Willamette Writers Assoc. Newsletter, June, 2015

It’s in the Genes:  Gresham Man Researches the Past, Gresham Outlook March 30, 1996

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